Who are you.

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Who are you?

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Who are you?

Who we are is often defined by what we have decided we want to be and our view of our purpose, for some of us,  the purpose of our existence is fundamental.

Directors, managers, professionals, even famous entrepreneurs have hit a brick wall in their development at some point, especially when their own thinking is the very barrier standing between them and their best.

But, asking who we are means challenging our assumptions and experiences and choosing a way of seeing our lives and our options. We sometimes position ourselves in the world with our views.

Our facilitators have decades of experience helping people to challenge and choose again. That has led to a range of exercises and challenges from which you can choose to use to find better ways that suit you, to stop wasting any time and to find your way, your powerful life and your happiness.

We are transferring those exercises to this site over the next few months for release in the next few months. If you would like to hear more before then, don't hesitate, call us for details and, if you would be interested to help us and get involved in the run up to publication.  We look forward to working with you soon. Sue and Cliff.  info@realise.org

It's about you.

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Hundreds of exercises, courses, challenges to be loaded over he next few months. Send us your emailand we will keep yu up to date: info@talentq.org

Losing our identity in a stressed, sometime sartificial environement. Fitting in, bullying, necessary compromise, artificial timescales "Make time"???

Missed breaks and journeys we need to take.

Do our skills and preferences match our opportunities, which gives way first, our way of life or our necessary actions. A digital future is everywhere, how do we adjust or do we?