Your Wellbeing index

Strong - Healthy - Happy

Control and monitor your well being using this questionnaire.

How resilient, resourceful  and powerful do you feel today?

What might be affecting your abilty to cope and deal with the challenges of life?

Take the assessment at different times and work out what adds, and what reduces your Wellbeing.

To access this questionnaire, please contribute £2 for our work

Start monitoring your resilience now.

If you would enjoy offering your feedback to help us to develop the questionnaire, email us at cliff@talentq.org. Put in the  subject line – “I’d like to join in” and we will put you on the mailing list for the next trial run.


Taking the Questionnaire once will give you a guide to how you are today compared to others, but the real value is gained by taking it at regular intervals to watch what affects your confidence and strength.  That’s why we give you up to 10 accesses, so that you can use it at regular intervals over a few weeks when you feel ready.

WBi  WellBeing index:

Faced with the effects of COVID-19, Cliff turned to the issue of Wellbeing for those isolated at home or choosing to work from home. He found that existing analysis of the effects on people’s sense of resilience were driven by assumptive designs, or “front loaded” decisions.  That means that the usual psychometric is put together based on someone’s belief about what are the right questions to ask, what they will measure and what those results mean. They are usually well tested statistically for accuracy and repeatability but not for unexpected effects.


Cliff used a statistical technique that actually picks effective questions and analyses responses to find out what are the most powerful effects in a situation.


His previous work in productivity showed that there were four areas that each needed awareness and practice. It then generated 11 reactive elements in a person behaviour that would contribute to success in groups and on their own. It has a been used to create more effective teams.


What is Wellbeing?

The healthy resilience or capacity of a person is what we are calling their “Wellbeing” and is supported by a number of factors:


Physical health

Perception of Self: Self-worth, entitlement, authority, past success, belief systems, structural vs relational thinking

Social contexts and support systems

The balance of past evidence

Communication style

Thinking context e.g., academic, social, physical, internal mental, co-operative, comparative.


There are many more and his design isolates these for us and presents them in a way we can manage each situation to start increasing our resilience.  His design means you can measure what systems you are using see how that helps and take the metric again when to monitor changes.


You can keep sustaining your wellbeing and improving it by using the psychometric regularly like a trusted insightful friend.


As more people complete the metric, we can see how we are coping as a society and share that with health managers to give better support to others.


Because the process has significant contribution to make to our society your replies, though completely confidential to you, can be added to the summary data and that means the cheaper we make the survey the more people will be able to help support the programme and make it better for everyone. So we want to keep the cost to you down to less than £5 a test. This is a significant move; our other psychometrics have been charged out at £75 per test and reports are that they were worth the cost. We want this to make a difference to you and to the world.


The first 500 users are only being charged £2 so that we can get even more data to refine further the discovery of unexpected powerful factors. Also, we can offer to rerun, with your permission, your answers later in our work, at no charge, to show you how you now comparing to others.


What will you get?

  • Access to a scientifically designed and confidential questionnaire. People have told us that just thinking about the questions has helped them to focus on positive ways to be stronger.
  • A report showing how your answers suggest you compare in terms of your resilience to everyone else; you might be surprised.
  • A comparison of your factors to give you guidance about how to get a better balance for you and for what you want to achieve. Not a better balance we think you should have, because everyone is different, and you may be driven by very different goals to the next person.
  • Saved previous results so you can compare how you are changing and make decisions about what next.


Although the WBi might be all you need, we have access to coaches who can work with you and any results you want share, but we are happy for you to find your own coach/mentor or best friend to get even more value out of the answers.