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Your Wellbeing index

Strong - Healthy - Happy

Control and monitor your well being using this questionnaire.

How resilient, resourceful  and powerful are you?

What affects your abilty to cope and deal with the challenges of life?

Take the assessment at different times and work out what adds, and what redueces your Wellbeing.

Extensive research tells us we choose a way to connect with others that becomes habitual, invisible.

When other people have a different way, it can cause confusion. When are you Cold or Hard or Warm?

Your Preferences

Cold, Hard, Warm

Deep analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of senior people revealed the routes of success and productivity.

What are your main strengths, what can be easily developed, what might, most effectively, study next.

Who were the creators of the attachment idea...

Edward John Mostyn Bowlby

- British psychologist,

  psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

- Born 1907 in London

- Died Sept. 2, 1990 Scotland.

- Coined the term Attachment

 Mary Dinsmore Salter Ainsworth

- Canadian developmental psychologist

- Born 1913 in Glendale, Ohio

- Died 1999 Virginia, USA

- Researched “The Strange Situation"

-Developed Attachment Theory:





 Donald Woods Winnicott

- English paediatrician and psychoanalyst

- Born 7 April 1896

– Died 25 January 1971

- Described the effects of perfect parenting and coined the phrase "Good Enough" to describe a deesired state of challenge producing world ready children.

- Object relations theory and developmental psychology.

The Index of Wellbeing, your Personal Capacity Index PCi, is currently being tested for release in September.  If you would enjoy to be part of the test, email us at cliff@talentq.org. Put in the  subject line – “I’d like to join in” and we will put you on the mailing list for the next trial run.


Taking the Questionnaire once will give you a guide to how you are today compared to others, but the real value is gained by taking it at regular intervals to watch what affects your confidence and strength.  That’s why we give you up to 10 accesses, so that you can use it at regular intervals over a few weeks when you feel ready.

The most researched and tested personality preference ever created.

John Bowlby suggested a link between our early choices and how those develop into our preferred style of interaction.  Mary Ainsworth carried out extensive research, which gave us a clear description of how people start to make choices from infancy; in how we interact with people we meet.

Each set of choices forms a style of personality; a prefered way to interact with others.  Each style gives us advantages and disadvantages.

Once we are aware of our own styles, we can:

  • Recognise other people's styles
  • Realise how our styles interact with theirs
  • Make our interactions much more powerful.